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Village Street and Stairs with Figures

by Vincent van Gogh

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Village Street and Stairs with Figures - Description

Vincent van Gogh’s mastery of form and adroit use of space shines brightly in his 1890 painting, Village Street and Stairs with Figures. This painting, a work of oil on canvas, measures thirty-two and one half by forty and two-tenths centimeters. The visual entrance to this piece begins with the two white-clad women, backs turned, walking shoulder to shoulder down a path into town. They are identical and walk as one unit, their blonde hair pulled back and hanging down over their backs beneath matching yellow hats. Beyond them, the eye travels in a staggered line, moving to the right some degrees before connecting with two more women, backs turned, clad in dark garments. A “Y” shape occurs here between the invisible line connecting both pairs of women, the latter of which stand apart from one another. This subtle trick by van Gogh opens the canvas visually, and the heart of the masterpiece rests as the staircase positioned in the direct visual center of Village Street and Stairs with Figures painted gold in its twisting sublimity. Rather than moving straight up, the staircase appears gnarled as a tree might seem. Stairs are seen bending hauntingly down and out of shape, as if being sucked inward by a great force of suction. The color in this painting is a magnificent explosion of bright red, pale hues of green and a burning yellow that illuminates all that it touches. The truly fantastic aspect of van Gogh’s bright pallet in Village Street and Stairs with Figures is that it occurs during the night time.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Village Street and Stairs with Figures

Original Artist: Salvador Dali
Style: Post-Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
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