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View of the Entrance to the Arsenal

by Giovanni Antonio Canaletto

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View of the Entrance to the Arsenal - Description

This painting, View of the Entrance to the Arsenal, by Giovanni Antonio Canaletto shows the Venetian painter at the height of his powers as an observer and translator. We are treated to a busy, bright scene of the river cluttered with boats. Some drop buckets into the water to fish, some row, some stand and talk, others appear to be putting up sails. Other people walk across the tilted bridge or talk in doorways or look out along the water. The river itself seems calm, with highlights picked out in horizontal white lines. The clock tower rises from the river below in a straight line reaching nearly to the top of the canvas. It is duplicated, with slight variations, on the right of the canvas in another tower. The viewer can almost make out the time on the clock tower and read the inscription below. The architectural details and the beauty of Venice is well on display here. The heavy ornamentation of doorways and rooflines, so popular with gothic and rococo architects, is clearly evident. The painting, View of the Entrance to the Arsenal is also bisected with lines: wires hold up the bridge, and rigging for the sails in the harbor cluster in the back of the painting. This is a painting of great joy. It is clear that Giovanni Antonio Canaletto enjoyed painting these Venetian scenes (and selling them to the Europeans, eager for a souvenir) and his enthusiasm is truly contagious.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: View of the Entrance to the Arsenal

Original Artist: Giovanni Antonio Canaletto
Subject: Landscapes
Style: Rococo
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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