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Tree of Hope

by Frida Kahlo

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Tree of Hope - Description

Frida Kahlo’s Tree of Hope was painted in 1946. The painting is twenty-two by sixteen inches and is comprised of oil on Masonite. Tree of Hope’s beauty appears in both the suffering as well as the seated Kahlo. Kahlo’s message in this painting is the transience of beauty. For while the artist gazes upon her former exquisite self with the desperate longing amidst a cracked earth and cracked skin, she reminds us that from beauty comes destruction and from destruction grows beauty. The former Kahlo sits upright beside the sleeping one, hands folded patiently. Her robes of bright red serve to compliment the blood flowing from the back of Kahlo who lies on her hospital bed, the world around her a desolate landscape of wounds as large as the ones searing through her open skin. Like a seed in the earth waiting to sprout she treads these uncertain conditions with only her former self to comfort her. Kahlo’s desire to paint transcended her physical limitations, as she learned while recovering from the trolley accident that nearly ended her young and prosperous life. She would come to know the hospital bed well in the following years with bouts of disease and miscarriage waiting to plague her. The result in Tree of Hope is a fragment of selves that is depicted here, the former and healthier Kahlo juxtaposed against the bleeding shell of a body.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Tree of Hope

Original Artist: Salvador Dali
Subject: Portraits
Style: Surrealism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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