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The Rumanian Blouse

by Henri Matisse

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The Rumanian Blouse - Description

“The Rumanian Blouse” by Henri Matisse seems, at first, to be a straightforward portrait. A young model, with deeply darkened hands and face, looks directly at the viewer with an enigmatic expression. Her blouse puffs up at the sleeves, placing her body in a sort of heart shape. The front of the blouse is full of small decorations in bright colors. The background behind her is a deep red. “The Rumanian Blouse” was painted during the height of World War II, when Matisse was living in Paris. The artist refused to leave Paris at this time, even though it was a quite dangerous place. He wrote, "If all the talented people left France, the country would be much poorer. I began an artist's life very poor, and I am not afraid to be poor again. . . . Art has its value; it is a search after truth and truth is all that counts" (source: Taken in this context, “The Rumanian Blouse” becomes a portrait of a young person in a war-torn country. Romania was bombed by the Allied troops just four years later. The red background can be read to show the artist’s anger and fear, or as a protective cloud of young innocence about to be lost.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: The Rumanian Blouse

Original Artist: Henri Matisse
Subject: Portraits
Style: Abstract
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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