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The Kiss

by Gustav Klimt

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The Kiss - Description

Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt painted The Kiss in 1908. This is an oil painting on canvas. Gustav Klimt depicts a male figure and a female figure in close embrace. The Kiss 1908 suggests a mood of supernatural proportion erupting in the space around the pair. The pair is clad in robes of gold, adorned with patches of geometric color. Apparent in the robes of the woman are the famed circles so beloved by fans of Klimt that add texture and mystery to the work. Below them, flowers explode in a springtime pallet while the air rains specks of gold dust over a brown background. The relationship existing between the man and woman in the composition is worth noting. Notice how the man’s neck cranes forward, subserviently bowing down to her even though she is shorter than he. He still stretches to reach the woman who appears to be actually pulling away. On her face is a smug expression of the classic pursed lips so used by Klimt. Likewise, her left hand is clawed in agony, not wrapped around the middle section of the man as it would naturally be inclined to do in a serious embrace. The woman appears more powerful than the striving male who seems to be very edge to the cliff of flowers ending behind her. This could be symbolic of the man’s ignorance to the perilous road that can often follow infatuation, leading to misery.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: The Kiss

Original Artist: Gustav Klimt
Style: Art Nouveau
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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