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The Fonteghetto della Farina

by Giovanni Antonio Canaletto

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The Fonteghetto della Farina - Description

Giovanni Antonio Canaletto achieved great fame with his paintings during his lifetime. His works were often sold to Englishmen on their Grand Tour. His paintings contain a remarkable amount of detail, likely because the artist used a camera ottica, a device by which a lens threw an image onto a ground-glass screen. This view could then be used as a basis for painting, rather than relying on memory. This device allowed the artist to capture a moment in time, without losing detail in the rush of painting. This painting, The Fonteghetto della Farina, captures the perfect moment before the sun sinks, when the rays are still coming through but the sky is growing dark. The sun bathes the building to the right of the image, and the path leading down to the viewer, while the left of the canvas remains in shadow. Multiple people stand in the light, talking and gesturing. Multiple clothing types are shown here. One figure has a sword dangling from a scabbard, and wears a headscarf. Faces are rendered in great detail. Dresses and headscarves drape realistically. The river is crowded with boats, and their masts and poles clash in a tangle of horizontal and vertical shapes. Some boats in the left of the canvas appear to be docked for the night, and the canvas wraps drape over the contents. This evening scene is lovingly, and realistically, portrayed here.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: The Fonteghetto della Farina

Original Artist: Giovanni Antonio Canaletto
Style: Rococo
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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