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Self Portrait with Monkeys

by Frida Kahlo

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Self Portrait with Monkeys - Description

Self-Portrait with Monkeys is a painting by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. It is a work of oil on canvas measuring eighty-one and a half by sixty-three centimeters. The painting depicts the surrealist centered amidst a composition of monkeys and vegetation. The four monkeys, perched on and around Kahlo appear curiously elongated. A tail wraps around Kahlo’s left arm. Two appear to be peering at Kahlo inquisitively from behind the leaves in the background. This painting was created with the intention of having the heads match in a staggered line running from the front most monkey to the head of Kahlo, then to the monkey positioned to her left. It continues in a zig-zagging pattern, visually leading the eye on a path directly through the work in hopes of getting lost in the jungle behind. Kahlo herself appears traditionally bleak and void of excitement, her beauty radiating foremost in her slender neck which holds her head high and straight. Kahlo was amongst all else proud, despite a lifetime of tragedy plaguing her. However, she managed to do what only the greatest of artists could by transforming her personal struggles into artwork. Kahlo learned to paint following a horrendous accident and soon emerged as one of the most prolific and celebrated female artists in Mexican history. Today she holds her place in the pages of art history alongside the greatest surrealists. Self-Portrait with Monkeys is besides a masterpiece of color and seamless technique an opening for interpretation as to the meaning of the given symbols.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Self Portrait with Monkeys

Original Artist: Salvador Dali
Subject: Portraits
Style: Surrealism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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