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by Frida Kahlo

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Roots - Description

Frida Kahlo painted Roots in the year 1943. Roots, oil painting, depicts the artist Kahlo lying on her side. She is dressed in complimentary yellow in relation to the green vegetation growing about her. Her long black hair hangs loosely from her head, her lips traditionally pursed beneath a heavy brow of black. Celebreated as a Surrealist for her ability to transcend the ornery limitations of everyday life and create a dreamscape for the viewer on the canvas, Kahlo’s self portraits are arguably not only the most dramatic but the most revealing in art history. In this example, Kahlo’s body is deprived of separation from the earth, the vines growing into her but also revealing through the window in her midsection that she is as simple as the vine itself. There is no substance to her in this painting beyond her life as a plant and this is what makes Roots so tremendously surreal. Yet, the artist seems at home here. Despite her stern expression she does not appear to be struggling and one could say that it is the most natural and serene position that Kahlo can be seen depicted in. Roots appears to show no sign of struggling or strife but instead shows Kahlo as one with nature, interwoven with the vegetation and existing in a daytime field peacefully and without any sign of torment.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Roots

Original Artist: Frida Kahlo
Subject: Portraits
Style: Surrealism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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