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Red Tree

by Piet Mondrian

Love it or Your Money Back

Red Tree - Description

Early in his career, Piet Mondrian was known as an accomplished Impressionist painter. Mondrian had a restless mind, and a deep love of nature. His paintings were an attempt to reconcile these two parts of his personality, which would eventually lead him to create images of complete abstraction, images containing black lines enclosing color and white space. In "Red Tree," we can see the beginnings of this shift. The tree occupies the center of the image space, floating. There is no use of perspective or any other background image whatsoever, to root the tree in a concrete space. Only the blue of the background, contrasting with the colors of the tree, gives a sense of space. The tree is rendered in scarlets and reds, deepening and darkening to black in the branches near the top and sides of the tree. The tree is rendered realistically, as a tangle of black branches that wrap and weave and buckle. A few leaves are shown on the branches, dangling. However, the tree is the only point of the painting rendered with any realism. The base of the painting is also in blue, with paint rendered in upward strokes. This may indicate a ground of some sort. This ground is shot through with yellow and orange highlighting, perhaps indicating leaves or crops. "Red Tree" shows Mondrian using Impressionist techniques of speed and heavy paint, but taking the form to new and interesting places, approaching abstraction.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Red Tree

Original Artist: Piet Mondrian
Subject: Landscapes
Style: Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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