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Place des Lices, St Tropez

by Henri Matisse

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Place des Lices, St Tropez - Description

Henri Matisse is best known for his abstract, colorful Fauvist paintings, works that stray from a realistic perspective and move toward color and line as an expression of emotion and true reality. However, Matisse was also an experienced and talented Impressionist painter, as seen in "Place des Lices, St Tropez." Matisse took the Impressionist ideals of quick strokes and playful color usage and combined them with his knowledge of printmaking here. The building's steeple and roofs are sharply outlined in black, as is the edge of the road in front of the building and the gate leading to the courtyard. The courtyard explodes with pink and green shrubs. Matisse would return to the idea of bright and colorful vegetation, barely contained, in later works painted in Morocco. The sky is quickly rendered with vertical strokes of pink and blue. These same colors appear in the road below. The tree to the front right of the canvas allows Matisse to express his love of color: The trunk is a bright purple, as are the leaves near the top and to the left of the canvas. While "Place des Lices, St Tropez" can be considered an Impressionist painting, the viewer can see the influence of color on Matisse, and can see the roots of ideas that would come to bloom in later works by the artist.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Place des Lices, St Tropez

Original Artist: Henri Matisse
Subject: Landscapes
Style: Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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