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by Frida Kahlo

Love it or Your Money Back

Memory - Description

Memory, 1937 is an oil painting by the Mexican surrealist Frida Kahlo created in the aforementioned year. One of many self-portraits by the esteemed Kahlo, this painting follows suit in her tradition by including her benchmark pursed lips, heavy brow and tightly pulled hair. The painting also includes Kahlo’s habit of painting herself to be hollow, with a hole appearing where her left breast lies. In its place a long beam runs through her, a fairy seated on the end. Kahlo’s garments hang suspended from the sky, her heart torn out and bleeding on the ground below her. Observe the beauty in which Kahlo paints the merging of blood and water on the shore at her feet, the red liquid getting absorbed into the sand as oil might, dark and heavy. Yet despite all of the personal tragedy symbolized around Kahlo, the painting appears to have a noticeably light mood, with a blue sky juxtaposed against Kahlo’s serene yet slightly amused face. Notice how she has no arms in the sleeves hanging at her sides, her limbs instead fastened to the hanging garments as though part of her wardrobe before her body. On her shoe is fastened a main sail and mast, as if the shoe is prepared to take to the ocean. Though her heart remains on the sand at her feet, Memory, 1937 depicts a loosely strung Kahlo whose soul is prepared to take flight altogether.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Memory

Original Artist: Frida Kahlo
Subject: Portraits
Style: Surrealism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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