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Last Judgement

by Wassily Kandinsky

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Last Judgement - Description

The Last Judgment is a painting by the Modern Russian Abstract-Expressionist Wassily Kandinsky. It is a work of oil on canvas. The Last Judgment is a great explosion of color without particular attention to form or shape. Kandinsky’s color philosophy can be witnessed in his ability to depict emotion through various shades of blended primary colors. What is special to this painting is the use of a heavy black line dominating the canvas on top of the color. Kandinsky’s line provides a guiding hand in what would otherwise be called an overwhelming sea of color and emotion. With the aid of the line, he directs movement and energy within the piece while also opening it to further interpretation from his perspective audience. The black lines are there to delight and revel in their rolling curves and twisting regions. Enjoy in The Last Judgment the repetition of horizontal lines and overlapping of certain areas to create a layered effect. It was Kandinsky’s hope that the viewer take away an emotional feeling before a feeling of symbolism or deeper meaning. The deepest meaning one could hope to find in an expressionist piece occurs on the emotional and physical level. A painting’s color can take a viewer to previously unchartered waters of feeling and self-awareness and that was the principle goal of Wassily Kandinsky in The last Judgment.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Last Judgement

Original Artist: Wassily Kandinsky
Subject: Abstract
Style: Expressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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