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Lake Tahoe, Spearing Fish

by Albert Bierstadt

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Lake Tahoe, Spearing Fish - Description

Lake Tahoe, Spearing Fish by Torchlight was completed in the year 1875 by Romantic German-American painter Albert Bierstadt of the Hudson River and Rocky Mountain Schools. This picture is more than a model depiction of the American West. It is an invitation for a clandestine observer to act as a third party witness to a a group of people lighting a fire along the shore of Lake Tahoe. This is a doorway to American West so dear to our imaginations.Visually this is shown by Bierstadt’s subjects, three humans in a rowboat nestled nearest the heart of the rectangular painting. The insertion of people at the heart of the visual center incorporates the feeling of being surrounded by the vast wilderness accompanying its borders. It is questionable to call the humans subjects in this sublime reconstruction of the west, however, when positioned at the forefront of such a sublime landscape. The sky, illuminated in various hues of green, casts a moonlit glow over the background of looming mountains and pine trees. Equally impressive is Bierstadt’s ability to cast an opposing light on the lakeside rocks and gnarled trunk of the Jeffery Pine to the right of the boat. The warmth elicited by torchlight covering the bosom of this painting is a striking contrast to a background rife with cooler tones of blue and green, adding to the hint that the subjects are close to the heart of nature. Sharply defined rocks and tree limbs are congruently depicted along with the subjects and create the effect of staring at this painting through a finely adjusted lens. By doing this Bierstadt gives meaning and justification to every detail appearing in the scene. Each blade of grass stands equally as a tree or mountain might without the use of an exaggerated brushstroke or excessive use of paint. Detail is given by the artist’s ability to create a living landscape with his vibrant use of color and seamless technique.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Lake Tahoe, Spearing Fish

Original Artist: Albert Bierstadt
Subject: American Landscape
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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