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Lady with a Fan

by Gustav Klimt

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Lady with a Fan - Description

Lady With a Fan is a painting by the late Austrian Symbolist Gustav Klimt. It was completed in the year 1918. The painting’s subject is consistent with Klimt’s tendencies to paint proud women powerful in their stature and pursed in the lips. Like most of Klimt’s models, this painting depicts a woman emanating a sense of power and prestige. Like the birds parading proudly and displaying their feathers in the background this woman takes the appearance of being estranged and proud of it. Klimt, a symbolist, subtly includes avian features into the seemingly beautiful woman. She flaunts her color and radiates her natural beauty for all to see as the birds do behind her. Even her clothing is clad scantily as one can imagine that the cut crosses low upon her bosom behind the fan. It should be noted how the woman’s eyes gaze in the same direction as the birds in the background. Even the blue bird to the right of the painting seems to be gazing that way as well. Behind her, open wings suggest that she is ready to take flight as well. Notice how her neck is elongated somewhat, curving in a manner similar to the birds behind her. Further proof shows that the woman appears to blend in harmoniously in a yellow atmosphere of flowers and growth just as the birds do.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Lady with a Fan

Original Artist: Gustav Klimt
Subject: Portraits
Style: Art Nouveau
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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