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Irvington Woods

by Albert Bierstadt

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Irvington Woods - Description

From New York’s Hudson River Valley comes Irvington Woods, a work of oil that pays homage to master painter Albert Bierstadt’s adoration for the forested land that he studied in. This Romantic oil painting captures a scene typical of those landscapes belonging to the Hudson River and Rocky Mountain Schools which Bierstadt is associated with. The visual center of this piece is classically arranged to direct the eyes into jagged manner through the painting, relying on a series of points. A dirt path running diagonally through the grove of trees carries until it collides with the right border. At that point, a low hanging canopy rising towards the upper middle extremity and coincides with the dividing horizon marked by a distinctly lighter hue of green. Above this the canopy continues rising in a straight line until it hits the upper perimeter of the canvas. This ancient technique is deployed to keep the eye in motion and force a balance to contrast the weight placed by the two dogs in the lower foreground. Bierstadt’s affection for nature and romantically driven plot are apparent in this piece amongst the subjects as well as in the landscape. A master at lighting a scene to the whim of his fancy, Bierstadt depicts an aura of radiance in the wooded area uncommon with most Hudson River paintings of the late nineteenth century. The open, airy grove of this Albert Bierstadt painting depicts a landscape indicating triumph and reverence towards nature versus awe or terror. Notice an exaggerated use of light and the popping effect that exists between shadowy and sun touched areas. We might care to talk of metaphor when scrutinizing the role of the canines. They act as a monument to the roving spirit in mankind that wanders the back hills without owner or care. One dog stands at guard. The other dog sits. It is a touch of Bierstadt’s genius that is shown here. One can see in the positioning of the dogs remarkable restraint and simplicity at work in the mind of Albert Bierstadt.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Irvington Woods

Original Artist: Albert Bierstadt
Subject: American Landscape
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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