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Improvisation 35

by Wassily Kandinsky

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Improvisation 35 - Description

Russian Abstract Expressionist Wassily Kandinsky’s Improvisation 35 is a piece washed in brilliant tones of bright colors and sweeping lines. This painting captures a feeling of excitement and clamor, as a great mass of instruments all honking, squeaking shaking and popping at the same time. It is a beautiful storm, a storm washed in complimentary colors that bleed into one another in some areas while stopping completely in others. This juxtaposition of sporadic boundaries and free space is what makes Improvisation 35 a product of genius comparable to few others who attempt the craft of Abstract art. A piece by Kandinsky is easily recognizable as such for its austere method of sticking true to craft and belief. Kandinsky’s pictures are fueled by the motor of color and line. Improvisation 35 includes long stretches of interwoven purple, yellow white and green. Color collides and bends amongst itself, and the viewer is left to freely interpret whatever they care to see. The artist’s work merely acts as a vehicle to send the viewer to whatever frame of mind he or she who looks at it should go. There is no right way to look at this painting, and no wrong. It is more than art for art’s sake and it is still nothing more than a tremendous explosion of determination of color and the presence of a guiding line.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Improvisation 35

Original Artist: Wassily Kandinsky
Subject: Abstract
Style: Expressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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