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Improvisation 3 Picture with Yellow Wall

by Wassily Kandinsky

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Improvisation 3 Picture with Yellow Wall - Description

Improvisation 3 Picture with Yellow Wall is a painting by the Modern Russian Abstract-Expressionist Wassily Kandinsky. It is a work of oil on canvas and was painted in the year 1913. Improvisation 3 Picture with Yellow Wall was created with the intention of placing the focus not just on the color, but on the large geometric shapes dominating the interior of the canvas. Kandinsky uses a complimentary pallet here, balancing pink, yellow and blue. Lines are not as prevalent in this piece, but still exist. Similar to the stained glass effect used in other pieces to separate color, Kandinsky creates individual regions of color in hopes of creating an organized sense of chaos that still manages to flow while not interrupting or bleeding into any other colors. Color blends through layering, as can be seen in the magenta occurring on the left side of the canvas. Improvisation 3 Picture with Yellow Wall is guaranteed to strike a viewer on a positive level due to the choice of bright pigment selected by Kandinsky. The viewer is given a display that they are free to interpret but the hope is that it will effect them on a level close to their personal core. Color, for that matter has the ability to truly effect one’s psyche if it is looked at in a certain way. This is the lasting hope of Wassily Kandinsky.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Improvisation 3 Picture with Yellow Wall

Original Artist: Wassily Kandinsky
Subject: Abstract
Style: Expressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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