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Impression Sunrise

by Claude Monet

Love it or Your Money Back

Impression Sunrise - Description

"Impression Sunrise," by Claude Monet is the painting that started it all. Monet painted this image in 1872, and it hung in an exhibition in Paris in 1874. Monet's use of color, of bright brush strokes, of contrasting colors placed side-by-side was a revolution. No one had done anything quite like that before, and people weren't quite sure what to make of it. The French critic was moved to write the following when he saw the painting in the exhibition: "Impression I was certain of it. I was just telling myself that, since I was impressed, there had to be some impression in it — and what freedom, what ease of workmanship! A preliminary drawing for a wallpaper pattern is more finished than this seascape" (source: The Impressionists would take this term as a name for their movement. In "Impression Sunrise," two small boats are seen on a quickly painted sea. A few bright strokes in green, running horizontally across the image, provide a suggestion of current. In the distance, a tangle of ships and smokestacks are visible in blue paint, but they are very obscured and hard to make out. Directly in the center of the image is a brilliant, orange sun, leaving a streak of orange reflected in the water, reaching down to the viewer. The sky holds a similar orange, painted quickly left to right. "Impression Sunrise" marked the beginning of a whole new way of thinking about printing: that color was more important than line, that emotion was more important than realism. The painting world would never be the same.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Impression Sunrise

Original Artist: Claude Monet
Subject: Seascapes
Style: Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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