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Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur

by Claude Monet

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Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur - Description

Claude Monet is best known for his pictures of flowers, haystacks and lily ponds. Human figures are not prominent in his paintings. If they appear, they are typically rendered quickly and without detail. Monet was a prolific painter, however, and was given to dabble in other styles and unique techniques if the mood struck. "Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur" is one example. The center of the image is taken up with a lighthouse, lit up for the evening. It stands straight and tall, backlit with the bright orange of the setting sun. The sky above this lighthouse modulates to pink, orange and blue, painted in broad washes of color with big, bold brushstrokes. To the left of the canvas, buildings cluster. There are no lights in the windows of these buildings, giving the town a lonely and quiet feeling. In the lower middle of the canvas, a group of three figures pull a boat ashore. The bend and struggle with the weight of the boat, without looking at the painter. Their reflections appear in the water below, which ripples around their feet. The sea is calm, reflecting the deepening grey of the sky. The shore the workers are pulling the boat toward is similarly grey and dark, as is the sky. "Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur" shows people at work, struggling to complete the task before the sky darkens.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Hauling a Boat Ashore, Honfleur

Original Artist: Salvador Dali
Style: Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
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