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Harmonie Tranguille

by Wassily Kandinsky

Love it or Your Money Back

Harmonie Tranguille - Description

Harmonie Tranguille was painted by Russian Abstract Expressionist Wassily Kandinsky in the year 1924. It is a playful painting, with jubilant colors expressing a warm, ecstatic quality. This painting is light and balanced in terms of geometric consistency. Like many of Kandinsky’s abstract pieces, there is an important relationship between loose and grounded pieces at work. For instance the rectangles at the bottom left appear stacked while above circles float about. Lines intersect one another and reconnect to others, allowing for new shapes and new possibilities to open when looking at it. The intention of Kandinsky in Harmonie Tranguille is to speak primarily through color and line in this piece in the hopes that they will combine to create a new language for his audience to appreciate the simplicity of these patterns and to then begin to see them in every day life. The beauty of an abstract painting is that it provides fodder for independent abstract thought and a hope that by changing the way that individuals look at the world it can be of use to society. While at first the shapes appear to be a giant random mess of clutter, in fact they are very neat and reduced to their essential qualities. This painting is above all else functional in that every line and box is necessary. There is nothing extraneous or ostentatious exerting unnecessary pressure on the composition in Harmonie Tranguille.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Harmonie Tranguille

Original Artist: Wassily Kandinsky
Subject: Abstract
Style: Expressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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