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by Albert Bierstadt

Love it or Your Money Back

Grunewald - Description

Grunewald was an oil painting completed by Romantic German-American painter Albert Bierstadt. The painting depicts a mountain peak covered partially in surrounding clouds. It painting embodies the beliefs of the Romantic theorists who enjoyed painting scenes uncommon to the every day person. Frustrated with the growing paints of a rapidly expanding world, the Romantics turned to the limitless void of their imagination to depict real scenes in their natural splendor. Unlike the many classic artists, Romantic paintings such as Grunewald rejected set patterns and concepts in art and returned to a previous state of reckless growth. For this reason a common mountain top appears to be wild and twisting in its path. The path to it is jagged and treacherous. It is exactly the kind of place the trapped individual of the late nineteenth century would want to be walking in from deep within the center of a city. The frontier represented in this painting is the intellectual frontier. This painting stands up for the man courageous enough to test the boundaries of his own free thought. Albert Bierstadt painted Grunewald with the intention of inspiring all who might look at it rather than those merely privy the secrets of art through schooling or by trade. The within the boundaries of Grunewald can be enjoyed by anyone, with or without an imagination. Bierstadt’s technique can be admired by even those who value aesthetics as the most important feature of a painting.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Grunewald

Original Artist: Albert Bierstadt
Subject: American Landscape
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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