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God Speed

by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

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God Speed - Description

Victorian Classicist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s 1893 oil painting God Speed! is a miniature masterpiece, measuring at only five by ten inches. Apart from its size this painting’s beauty can be found in the all encompassing spectacle of the woman at the top who leans over the edge to drop flowers. Her hair is radiant and blonde, characteristic of most of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s females in his paintings. The arm dangles loosely and delicately, the top half washed in sunlight and the bottom half laden with shadow. Below her, a group of classically arranged women gaze outward as well and do not detract from the beauty of the woman above them. The flowers in the woman’s outstretched arm from the top of the building seem to flow naturally into the surrounding scene, wrapping around the edge so as to cut off the hard angle and create a working border within the painting that keeps the eye rotating back inward. Behind her, a steely sky looms infinitely and bereft of clouds. This painting is dominated by vertical lines and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s signature re-creation of classical architecture and décor. It follows his tendency to paint classical pieces rich in pastel color and dominated by form. Alma-Tadema constantly plays with the relationship between humans and nature, juxtaposing them gazing out at it or holding it, but never completely submerged in its splendor. Instead, he chooses to merely highlight its splendor while keeping his subjects fixed on or around structures of marble.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: God Speed

Original Artist: Lawrence Alma-Tadema
Subject: Portraits
Style: Classicism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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