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Fishing in the Spring, Pont de Clichy

by Vincent Van Gogh

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Fishing in the Spring, Pont de Clichy - Description

This painting by Vincent van Gogh, Fishing in the Spring, Pont de Clichy is representative of his attempt to incorporate Impressionist techniques into his own style. Both Claude Monet and Georges Saurat had previously painted scenes of groups of fisherman in bowler hats, fishing in boats or from the shore, over shimmering waters. Van Gogh takes the idea a little farther here, showing one solitary figure alone in his boat. He is not facing the viewer directly, and his fishing pole is not readily visible. One tree cuts through the left side of the canvas and creates a protective bough over the head of the fisherman. The tree has recently been cut, evidenced by the red along the sharp trunk. Another tree, with shimmering yellow leaves, appears in the right side of the canvas, nearly obscuring our view. The water shimmers with strokes in blue, going both horizontally and vertically. The bridge over the water arches over the top of the painting, with several small people visible walking on it. Throughout, dots of color signifying flowers, highlights, and clouds speckle and shimmer. The shore and middle distance appear to be crawling with plants and life, a true representation of spring and hope. The edge of the painting is outlined in bright red, the artist's attempt to incorporate a frame into this work.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Fishing in the Spring, Pont de Clichy

Original Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Subject: Landscapes
Style: Post-Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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