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Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy

by Vincent van Gogh

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Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy - Description

Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy was painted by the Dutch Post Impressionist Vincent van Gogh in the year 1887. It is an oil painting on canvas measuring fifty and one half by sixty centimeters. This is an early work by van Gogh, completed shortly after his becoming an artist. The composition, rife with natural overtones of blue, green and brown is reflective of van Gogh’s desire to impersonate the naturally bright pallets of his Impressionist contemporaries while still managing to create a more heavily structured composition. One can see van Gogh at an important crossroads in his career as a developing artist in Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy, with van Gogh moving away from Impressionism and laying the seed for what would soon influence a generation of emerging modern European painters. Prevalent, for example, are details such as the hat brim of the man seated in the rowboat and the crisply defined leaves hanging on the tree in the lower right foreground. The Notice the broad brushstrokes governing the movement in the water and how they contrast to the direction of the strokes at the base of the tree to the left. Take heed also of the calmer brush strokes used to depict the water beneath the bridge. This provides a working balance of energy and tension in Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Fishing in Spring, Pont de Clichy

Original Artist: Vincent van Gogh
Subject: Landscapes
Style: Post-Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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