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Evening, Owens Lake, California

by Albert Bierstadt

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Evening, Owens Lake, California - Description

Evening, Owens Lake, California is a landscape painted by German-American Romanticist Albert Bierstadt. This oil painting captures a California sunset and fills the canvas with warm tones from the artist’s pallet. Hues of red, pink and blue float serenely across the sky and bounce back across the reflective lake. This painting is meant to act as a place for the viewer to escape to. It is a sunset painted with the intention of serving as a space where the imagination of the artist could translate his blank canvas into a dreamscape of color and water stretching infinitely ahead. For this reason there is very little detail across the horizon. The horizon line blends in with the light from the Sun, keeping the eye focused tightly on the more intricately designed middle and fore grounds where tight detail is prevalent, a characteristic of Bierstadt’s technique. Important to take heed of is the absence of humans in this painting. This piece serves as a window to nature for those stuck in places where nature could not be found. It is an invitation to leave those places and to seek the beauty growing on America’s soil be it through imagination or by means of actual travel. Bierstadt in this sense is a travel guide, taking his audience to places they might not normally ever see from the convenience of a canvas setting.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Evening, Owens Lake, California

Original Artist: Albert Bierstadt
Subject: American Landscape
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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