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Dolo on the Brenta

by Giovanni Antonio Canaletto

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Dolo on the Brenta - Description

Giovanni Antonio Canaletto’s 1735 masterpiece Dolo on the Brenta is an oil painting measuring roughly three feet by thirty one inches. Celebrated for his accuracy and precision, the scene depicts a harbor town bustling with activity. Though renowned for his depictions of native Venice, this painting takes place in Germany. The humans take the stage in this masterpiece, with the river falling to the middle ground while the foreground is rife with activity. One man fishes while another rests on a ledge. The town gentry mills about lackadaisically. People hang out of doors and windows of their homes to take in the street’s busy atmosphere. This painting’s beauty lies also in its rich use of color and heavy dependency on form and lines to create working boundaries within the its borders. Notice the contrast to which Canaletto builds up the exterior of the homes while placing the interior and surrounding space in deep shadow. This causes a great amount of light to appear on all sun lit surfaces, adding to the realism of the piece. A placid sky hangs overhead, billowy clouds apparent over a mass of powder blue. The sky compliments the color of the river as well. This painting captures the essence of humanity nicely while placing little value on wildlife. The painting serves as a window into everyday life of eighteenth century Germany.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Dolo on the Brenta

Original Artist: Giovanni Antonio Canaletto
Style: Rococo
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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