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Dishes and Fruit

by Henri Matisse

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Dishes and Fruit - Description

Henri Matisse is best known for his later, abstract works showing bright, wild colors and unnaturally colored human figures. The painter, however, started his career deeply entrenched in the Impressionist movement. "Dishes and Fruit" is a wonderful example of the artist's early experimentation. Matisse was an accomplished sculptor, who would return to sculpting whenever he felt "stuck" with a painting, and his background is evident in "Dishes and Fruit." The bowl is beautifully and realistically modeled. It casts a deep shadow on the fruit in the lower left of the canvas. The two pieces to the right of the image also take up definite space and cast shadows. The sky and the tablecloth are rendered in quick, impressionist style. There are elements of experimentation here as well. The table itself is at a dangerous, leaning angle. The fruit would not stay on a table angled in this way. The interplay of purple and red on the wall in the left of the image predates Matisse's interest in color and contrast. The wall appears to pulse with color and light. The glowing blue that encircles the bowl and pitcher is also much too bright and playful to be found in nature, although the contrast here gives the scene life and movement. "Dishes and Fruit" shows an artist just beginning to flex his muscles and take his craft to new and interesting places.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Dishes and Fruit

Original Artist: Salvador Dali
Subject: Still Life
Style: Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
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