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Die Tanzerin

by Gustav Klimt

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Die Tanzerin - Description

Die Tanzerin, the dancer was painted completed in 1918 by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. Klimt depicts a dancer at the visual center of this piece, half nude amidst a swirl of color and patterns. The painting is elegant yet the woman, who is much larger than the other miniscule subjects around her, holds a dominant position. She seems to be gazing down on her subjects as if she holds a certain amount of power over them. Even the colors surrounding the woman in comparison to the people below her are different. The woman appears to be surrounded in a pool of colorful flowers, distinctly red, white, yellow and black. Her fair skin compliments the colors and even reflects some of the yellow adjacent to her breast. Likewise, her pink blouse flows evenly into the stream of color below her arm. Around the other people the background is dark green. It is a mysterious imbalance included by Klimt that renders a powerful mood over the piece, highlighted by her confident countenance and pursed lips. The way that her right hand is positioned suggests a carefree confidence in relation to the huddled groups beneath her. She gazes down with the absolute certainty of a femme-fatale that is often explored on the canvases of the great Gustav Klimt. She sits in a world of endless color, gazing out at the less fortunate who dwell in their dark existences.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Die Tanzerin

Original Artist: Gustav Klimt
Subject: Nudes
Style: Art Nouveau
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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