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Bavarian Landscape

by Albert Bierstadt

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Bavarian Landscape - Description

From the rolling hills of painter Albert Bierstadt's native Germany comes Bavarian Landscape by the Romantic landscape artist Albert Bierstadt. Bierstadt’s use of color in this painting serves as a method of creating a sense of power and feeling of expanse much greater than the small farm from which the observer gazes out over. In the foreground, two cows stand opposite from two humans. This in turn balances the canvas, placing equal weight on both human and animal subjects and thereby diminishing the house built by the hands of man situated in the background. The Romantic focuses on the natural landscape of this painting, noticing the gentle shift of light falling in from the open clouds and blue sky before the hatched roof or wooden cart. Bierstadt’s technique can be witnessed in the way that the artist positioned the cattle to direct the eye to the right of the canvas along the path. From there the eye is supposed to travel along the golden field where it eventually connects with the row of trees and moves right again towards the house. From there lies only sky to gaze upon, with two birds emerging from the heavens in the upper middle section. The birds are meant to symbolize the amount of space existing outside of this canvas, the sky meant to be a window into the limitless space surrounding this small farm scene. To the right of the house also appears the rolling tops of distant mountains, also adding to the sublime notion of there being much more to this painting than originally meets the eye.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Bavarian Landscape

Original Artist: Albert Bierstadt
Subject: Landscapes
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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