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Anemones and Woman, Harmony in Blue

by Henri Matisse

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Anemones and Woman, Harmony in Blue - Description

French painter Henri Matisse created the masterpiece Anemones and Woman, Harmony in Blue in 1944. This oil painting of the of Art Nouveau or “new art” style depicts a blonde haired woman lounging behind a vase of Anemones. She is lounging on a blue striped couch, and in fact stripes dominate this entire painting. Notice the use of line and how it creates a sense of order in this piece. The table holding up the vase is constructed with lines, and the woman herself is outlined in heavy black. IT is interesting how Matisse outlines the woman in black but leaves the Anemones to blend in freely next to opposing shades of dark color. This painting derives its emotion from the orange couch burning the canvas behind the woman. The combination of orange against blue creates a popping sensation for the eye and adds a fantastic touch to the tone of this piece. Likewise, the inclusion of a purple pillow creates a sharp effect when juxtaposed against the blue and orange barriers. Even the green of the woman’s pants play nicely against the purple pillow. Matisse’s Anemones and Woman, Harmony in Blue, designed to reach the viewer through its intense display of color, places less weight on geometry and more on the power of color in this remarkable example of the splendor and luminosity of a Fauve piece.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Anemones and Woman, Harmony in Blue

Original Artist: Henri Matisse
Subject: Portraits
Style: Fauvism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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