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Almond Blossom

by Vincent van Gogh

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Almond Blossom - Description

Vincent Van Gogh lived next to the Bing Gallery in Paris, which specialized in Japanese prints. He became an avid collector, as did his brother, Theo. Between the two of them, they collected over 400 wood block prints. When Theo notified Vincent of the birth of Theo's first child, Vincent created this masterwork, unifying Impressionist painting with Japanese techniques. The painting, Almond Blossom, San Remy is a painting celebrating life, birth and hope, as the almond tree is one of the first trees to bloom in France, announcing the coming spring. The edges of the branches are darkly outlined. The blossoms are placed hastily. The placement of the branch itself is also unusual as it is unclear if these are branches in a vase or branches sitting on a blue cloth. Nearly the entire surface of the canvas has been filled with branches and blossoms. The background of the painting appears to shimmer, and doesn't contain the wild strokes of color seen in many other van Gogh paintings. Vincent was quite proud of this painting, saying, "My work was going well, the last canvas of branches in blossom--you will see that it was perhaps the best, the most patiently worked thing I had done, painted with calm and with a greater firmness of touch." (source: The child was named Vincent, in honor of his uncle, and Van Gogh was very much moved by this gesture. The child, in turn, was very fond of this painting. It was hung over the family piano, and the child was said to gaze at it, unblinkingly, for long periods of time.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: Almond Blossom

Original Artist: Vincent van Gogh
Subject: Florals
Style: Post-Impressionism
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
Shipping Cost: FREE
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