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A Rocky Mountain Sheep, Ovis, Montana

by Albert Bierstadt

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A Rocky Mountain Sheep, Ovis, Montana - Description

A Rocky Mountain Sheep, Ovis, Montana was painted by German-American Romanticist Albert Bierstadt. This piece, an oil painting on canvas, was created around the year 1879 with the subject taking the form of a male ram gazing out over a rock ledge during a daytime scene. This landscape, painted with Romantic intention, is designed to display in the animal a sense of wildness, growth and freedom. The ram’s power stance and steady gaze outward over the mountain range offers a testimonial to the Romantic belief in the course of untamed nature. This painting, capped by the dour snout of the animal which juts out as proudly as the surrounding mountain peaks, offers a stark contrast to classical images of man’s jutting chin or lofty stances. Bierstadt created a sense of pride and danger, and the feeling that the animal is free to pounce in any direction. Behind him stands only mountain tops and trees, feral and exhilarating in their growth patterns. This piece contrasts somewhat with Bierstadt’s painting Rocky Mountain Sheep due to the time of day and surrounding landscape. Rather than being surrounded with only barren rock, this animal stands over a patch of fertile trees and blue sky. The scene is inviting at first but also filled with unknown danger and adventure. Its purpose is to stimulate the intellectual curiosity and make a mental adventurer out of the common man or woman.

Painting Details

Artwork Name: A Rocky Mountain Sheep, Ovis, Montana

Original Artist: Salvador Dali
Subject: Landscapes
Medium: 100% Hand-painted on Canvas
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