Photo to Painting – Hand Painted by Real Artists

Photo to Canvas: Services Available

We can create a painting from pictures you send us. These images are hand-painted by real artists, just for you, based on:

  • A famous oil painting, not yet in our collection
  • A family portrait
  • Antique photographs, no matter the condition
  • Pet portraits
  • And so much more!

Read on to find out more about our photo to painting process, and to place an order.

photo to painting

Our Photo to Oil Painting Process

The oil painting from picture process begins with a photograph. We will give your photograph to one of our talented artists, along with information about the size of painting you've chosen and the painting's orientation. Your artist is a real-live human being, working with canvas, charcoal, brushes and paint. Your painting will be hand-painted by a real artist. No computers are involved in the generation of your painting, and your artist begins work immediately.

The photo to painting process begins with preparation of the canvas. Your artist will apply several layers of gesso to the canvas, to prepare it to hold onto the paint. Next, your artist will sketch the outline of your painting on the canvas, determining the major shapes and contours that make up the image. Next, large blocks of color are filled in, followed by highlights and small details. At each step in creating the portrait from the photo you sent, your artist consults the original photograph to ensure that the proportions are equal and that the painting matches the photograph as closely as possible.

When the photo to oil painting process is complete, it is inspected by a senior artist in our quality assurance department, to ensure that it meets our high standards. Then, you're sent a digital photo of your oil painting. Only when you've approved the painting is it sent to you.

Photo to Painting Samples

See samples of a variety of types of custom paintings, hand-painted by real artists, including portraits, pet portraits, landscapes, family portraits, and more. What will you use as the basis for your picture to painting masterpiece?